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"Thrilling psychological novel. A great mystery and romance, with a bit of psychological drama and suspense thrown in. The historical setting and placement, 1930's Yorkshire coast near Whitby with all its associations, make the unfolding drama come alive. I was completely taken along with this and found the ending made sense of the whole thing. Very satisfying. A great read! The evil pair of doctors and their horrific plans place this into a very well known area too, and I imagine a great horror romance film could be made."
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"This is a brilliant book."
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Book Description:

Romantic mystery thriller set between the wars. Although the setting is Whitby at first, the Frankenstein legacy is more relevant, in this novel which has the underlying theme of Fate—Are we in charge of our lives, or just observers of what we do? The main character ends up talking to the author of his fate, that is, the writer. Has he gone mad? Where is reality? Who is Bentley Driver?

It's exciting, horrifying and moving in turn, and the sense of place and history keep the reader totally involved.

Excerpt from Fate:

Bentley shook himself and stood up. 'I know, but I mean to find out what it does signify. That distraught mad wife, that awful angry man, determined to turn me out; they knew me. They knew me! And that Doctor Scratchard, I didn't care for him at all.' He stopped suddenly as if searching for a memory. 'I almost had something there. It's as if I said that before, a long time ago.'

/Yes, you did. Well done, well done. A glimpse of a real memory that was. You were only a boy./

/ /'Be quiet! I don't want you here now!'

Anna's face fell and she stepped back. 'Bentley! I'm only trying to help. There's no need to be hard on me.'

'No, no. It wasn't you I meant. I'm sorry. I have to tell you this. I sometimes hear a voice, and it's like fate himself talking to me. I suppose it's my mind in this strange state I'm in, with no memory to speak of before I came here. Perhaps I'm filling the gap with this imaginary talk. I don't know. I sometimes have whole conversations. I'm scared to tell of it in case you think me insane as well as ridiculous.'

'I'd never think those things. Whatever made you lose your memories must have been some event or injury enough to cause all this and more. A lesser man would have completely crumbled. I'll not worry about it. We'll see this through.'

/Good girl. You see I knew you were the one for him. /

/ /'Bentley?'


'I think I hear it too. The voice.'

/That's right. You can both hear me now. I'm writing your story and marking out the tracks of your footsteps. I am your fate./

/ /The two clung on to each other, trembling. They didn't hear the birdsong in the bright morning, nor the cart that trundled by in the lane beyond the wall. They were oblivious to the sky above, and the white clouds that drifted high, and to the scent of the flowers in the tubs next to them. Bentley held Anna's shoulders and looked into her eyes.

'Yes, I heard it too,' she whispered, 'I can hear your voice!'

/So now you are even more together, eh? Isn't that better? Isn't it? Shall I help you come through this? You need me, you know. You are still mine in the end. /

/ '/So is there any point in trying?' said Anna. ' We could stay here, do nothing, and you would have to bring the answers to us, wouldn't you?' She threw her head back and her feet stamped the ground. 'Go on then! You do something! We're alright here!'

With a straightening of his back and a thrusting of the chin, Bentley felt his strength return. Anna had shown some resolve. He would too. 'No, I'm not done yet, Anna. Though fate may be in charge, I'm still going to make him work. I'm so much closer now. I'm going back to that place. I mean to get to the bottom of it at last.' He strode back inside.

And doctor Scratchard, who had been on the other side of the wall all the time, crept away silently, another plan taking shape in his evil brain.

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