Kindle Author Blog Highlighted on Get Yourself Published

John Ronner gives this blog a nice mention:
A speciality blog by a California screenwriter, novelist and producer is now giving e-book publishers with Amazon’s game-changing Kindle program a new voice.

The blog Kindle Author ( is the brainstorm of David Wisehart, himself a Kindle writer of such imaginative titles as Devil’s Lair, about a medieval knight who leads a quest through hell to recover the Holy Grail from the Devil and The Vatican Dagger, where Dracula meets the historic Borgia family in Renaissance Italy.

David’s site allows authors to discuss their adventures with Kindle publishing and provide tips and other information to readers who want to emulate them.

Author interviews are linked back to their Kindle book pages on Amazon as well as the writers’ Web sites.
Thanks, John!

Read the full post here: Get Yourself Published

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