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The Perfect Woman


Holly Jordan

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"The Perfect Woman by Holly Jordan is the perfect yarn. In this engaging suspense novel, Rachel Hollins nearly has it all, a new love interest, an income, and a cold-blooded killer. Set against the backdrop of advertising and modeling, the excitement builds slowly to the unexpected and heart-stopping end."
—Jeffrey Marks, the Edgar and Agatha nominated author of the History of Mystery series, the US Grant mysteries, and The Scent of Murder

Book Description:

The perfect woman... the perfect advertising campaign...the perfect murder?

A group of ad executives come up with the advertising scheme they hope will save their company - the "perfect woman." In their endeavor to find this woman, they discretely interview a handful of women, promising the women a share of the ultimate Perfect Woman's profits for their silence about ever being interviewed should they be turned down. Each woman interviewed has her own reasons for accepting the offer, and many think the offer is a godsend. But the godsend turns into a nightmare when a murderer begins to stalk the women, killing them one by one.

Book Excerpt from The Perfect Woman:

Dreams . . . or rather nightmares . . . wove themselves into a blanket, covering some . . . smothering others . . . binding some in a story about to be told.

Images of the past tortured one man’s sleep. There was a woman’s voice in his head, a voice as loud and as strong as it had ever been in life.

You’re no good. You’re the worst mistake I ever made. She had taunted him almost right up to the end. Almost. By the time she’d regained consciousness after that initial blow, her perfect face wasn’t so perfect anymore. Her sneer had been replaced by trembling lips, and tears mixed with blood flowed down her face. With her feet and hands bound, she was powerless. “How does it feel to be at my mercy?” he had asked her. “How does it feel?”

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