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—Arno Breedt

"The protagonist has a realistic, wry and authentic voice; he sounds like a teen and not say, a literary novelist’s idea of a teen."
—Amazon Vine Reviewer

"[A] charmingly disturbing trope-rich coming-of-age story which manages to offer up...some wickedly funny dialogue and a truly twisted ending... Cool, gimme my five bucks now."
—The author's best friend :)

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The truth may well be out there—but in a time and place when ever-so-slightly partisan media control most of what you think you know about the world around you, woe be unto he who goes searching for it. A slightly cynical, mildly pessimistic, and gently dystopian coming of age story suitable for anyone with a pulse, Mendacities by George Berger tells the time-honored tale of "boy meets girl, boy loses girl; boy and girl form a platonic friendship, accidentally uncover a sinister political conspiracy, and must fight for their lives as they seek to expose the dark truths about a war that never happened" in a fresh and original way. Loved by everyone who's read it—which could still include you!—Mendacities is guaranteed to be the most enjoyable and entertaining unmarketably genre-defying adventure novel you hear about this week. Honest.

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