New 5-Star Amazon Customer Review for "Devil's Lair" by David Wisehart

Amazon customer and Kindle author John Pearson reviews Devil's Lair (and gives it 5 stars):

"I saw some publicity for this book, comparing it to Dante's Inferno, and my first thought was, It's been done. The great sci-fi author Larry Niven wrote a book (and a sequel!) about a modern-day man journeying to hell, descending through the levels, crossing the circles, and escaping through the ice.

"But Wisehart's Devil's Lair is a work of greatness all its own. It is not adrenaline, action-adventure, sci-fi, like Niven's work. It's a whole lot more character-driven. It fleshes out the lives of these characters before delving into the descent and hell-trip itself. And that's what makes it so enjoyable.

"Another reviewer took away some points because of all of the untranslated Latin in the book. I agree that it would have been better if these quotes HAD been translated into English. I disagree that it took away from the story. (It DID make me gloss over those sections, though.)

"I highly recommend Devil's Lair, and for the low price of 99 cents, it's truly a steal."

— John Pearson, author of Learn Me Good

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