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Restless Spirit
(Book #3 in the Sam Casey Series)

S.D. Tooley

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Book Reviews:

“An exciting mix of police procedure, spiritual ‘intuition,’ creeping suspense, and page-turning narrative.”
Library Journal

“Inspired by an actual 20-year-old unsolved murder that took place in the author’s hometown, Restless Spirit is an action-packed mystery that satisfies readers seeking an unusual police procedural. S.D. Tooley’s gift for combining powerful police drama, Indian mysticism, and mystery results in an exciting, chilling puzzle that is a real page turner."
Midwest Book Review

“Sam Casey is amazing—a beautifully described and magically interesting character…the plot, characters and pacing are all excellent.”
Romantic Times - 4 Star Review

Restless Spirit is a ticking time bomb of a novel—tense, graphic, and enigmatic. The kind of book you can't wait to get back to and wish would go on after you reach the final word. You might actually find yourself getting excited at the idea of what you will read later, only to remember with a sigh that you finished the book. There aren't nearly enough novels like that around.”
—Lisa DuMond,

“This is a good example of the mystical Native American police mystery genre. Suspended policewoman, Samantha Casey, has uncontrollable psychic powers that enable her to see how murder victims were killed. Sam’s curiosity causes her to pick up a button off the ground at a new housing development. Her mind instantly flashes back over years to the murder scene of a young, pretty teenager. She witnesses the slaying of the girl during a night time beer party. When she begins to conduct an unofficial investigation as to why an innocent man is sitting on death row, her life suddenly becomes endangered. The author uses her knowledge of police procedure and the mysticism to craft a good mystery. The conflict between Sam and those around her who have problems accepting her talents at face value make for an interesting book. We rated it a high four hearts.”
—Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews

“Inspired by an actual 20-year-old unsolved murder that took place in the author’s hometown, Restless Spirit is an action-packed mystery that satisfies readers seeking an unusual police procedural. Fans of the series will appreciate Sam’s new challenges as she combines pregnancy, on going suspension from the police force, and her need to understand her enigmatic husband. A deft touch of humor, as when Sam handles a flirtatious reporter who mistakes her for the hired help, will keep readers chuckling. S.D. Tooley’s gift for combining powerful police drama, Indian mysticism, and mystery results in an exciting, chilling puzzle that is a real page turner.”
—Cindy Penn,, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

Book Description:

Seventeen years ago Catherine DeMarco spent one hot July night where she shouldn’t have been doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. This was a fatal mistake. Now Jimmy Taggart is sitting on death row. Details of that night are still hazy in his mind but the evidence was conclusive. No one believed in his innocence then. Only one person believes in it now. Sergeant Samantha Casey has a unique gift—she can touch the deceased or something the killer touched and pick up clues about the case. When she touches a button unearthed at a construction site, she suddenly sees the murder taking place, hears the name of the killer repeated in her head. It’s not Jimmy Taggart’s. Sam has a tough time convincing her husband, Jake, of Taggart’s innocence. He prefers to deal in logic, and Sam’s method of police work is far from logical. But while investigating another homicide, Jake discovers a safety deposit box filled with newspaper clippings from the DeMarco case.

Book Excerpt from Restless Spirit:

The forest rarely gives up its dead without a fight. Fierce winds bury the disturbed ground with leaves. Heavy snows easily hide trails and footprints. And sometimes hungry creatures feast on exposed flesh and bone.

Along the path cutting through Briar Woods, a woman clad in a dark green warm-up suit moved cautiously, stopping every few seconds to peer between leafless trees and thorny bushes. Overhead a hawk carved graceful circles as it glided over the treetops in search of prey. Trees were skeletal remains, exposing the forest like an open wound, baring its blemishes and flaws. The woman watched the hawk for several seconds until she was certain it had nothing to tell her. To the casual observer, she looked as though she were hunting something or someone. In a way, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

Stepping off the trail, Sam Casey studied the ground and stopped again to watch for signs. Her mother, Abby Two Eagles, believed it was Nature that spoke to Sam and showed her where the bodies were buried. Branches would bend as though pointing their fingers. Animals would scurry then stop, sniff, gaze up. It wasn’t as if the bodies moved, shifting the surface of the earth or uprooting bushes. And the voices weren’t loud, carried on a roll of thunder. The signs were more subtle. Usually a cold would slice through Sam’s body, the hair on her arms would bristle, and voices would lead her to within a few feet of a shallow grave.

She followed the path to a clearing where six brick homes were in various degrees of completion. Workers swarmed the construction site pounding wooden decks into form and installing windows. A flatbed truck carrying a load of decking pulled up to the curb and a segment of the swarm moved toward the street.

Peering through one of the windows of a gray brick bi-level Sam noticed a stone fireplace. The jean-clad workman struggled with a marble mantel, finally hefting it in place and wiping his forehead. He nodded for Sam to enter but she shook her head.

A wrap-around porch led to the front of the house where her attention was drawn to a stained glass elliptical window above the door. It captured the sun in a kaleidoscope of color.

“Anything I can help you with?”

Sam turned to find the jean-clad workman. “Sorry, just being nosy,” Sam replied. A soft breeze played with her feathered earring and she gently untangled it from her hair. “I live on the other side of the forest.”

Sam stepped over a two-by-four and almost lost her footing. Cooper quickly grabbed her arm. “Careful there. Bet you have a hard time seeing your feet.” He nodded toward her wide girth and laughed at the annoyed look she flashed in response.

“We have friends who are building a house in this area,” she explained. “I just thought I’d see if I could tell which one.”

An engine fired up behind them and Cooper maneuvered her from the path of a construction bobcat. Sunlight reflected off of the elliptical window and Sam shielded her eyes from the glare. As she stepped back, light glittered and danced around an object unearthed by the plow. She knelt down for a closer inspection. The letters MB were stamped in the center of what looked like a brass button. She dug the object from its grave and held it in her hand.

A familiar cold swept over her body and the hairs on her arms stiffened. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the button. As though Nature herself flipped a switch, sunlight was sucked from the sky, and the moon appeared over the treetops as if pulled by an invisible marionette string. The construction site had disappeared, replaced by a barren wasteland overrun with dandelions and littered with hints of private parties. The air was hot and muggy, filled with the scent of dewy grass. Sam slowly stood and willed her feet to move, but they refused.

A haze hovered close to the ground, curling around her feet. Suspecting she had nothing to offer, the haze quickly spread, seeping across the clearing toward the woods. Sam saw movement in the distance, a dark shadow that stumbled out of the woods and through the haze. The humid air pressed close but did little to ward off the chill racing through her body. She wanted to draw her arms closer but they felt like anchors.

As the figure drew nearer, Sam could tell it was a young girl, naked, eyes blinking in confusion. Heavy breasts swayed with each jerky movement.

“Who’s there?” the girl called out. She giggled as she tried to keep her balance and Sam wondered if the girl had been drinking.

Another figure crept from the shadows to Sam’s right, suddenly lurching toward the naked girl.

“Who are you?” the girl cried out again. But the stranger remained silent. The attacker raised something shiny and quickly struck down. Sam tried unsuccessfully to move, to cry out a warning, but all efforts proved futile.

The knife was raised again, bringing with it a stream of blood. The second stab felled the girl. Then the figure knelt and plunged the knife repeatedly. The attacker grabbed a handful of hair and jerked. When the knife was pressed to the girl’s neck, Sam closed her eyes to what she knew would come next. Screams ripped the darkness.

A large hand shook Sam’s shoulder. Her arms flailed in defense and Cooper had to fend off her blows. Several of the workers ran to her aid and Sam had to cover her mouth to choke back the screams. It was then she heard a name, drifting in the breeze, swirling around her head. A name only she could hear.

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