New Kindle Ebook Cover: "The Vatican Dagger" by David Wisehart

I've designed a new ebook cover for the Kindle edition of my forthcoming novel, The Vatican Dagger.

I've outlined a trilogy of books with the series title "The Alchemy of Blood" and have written about half of Book 1.

I'll be posting sample chapters in the days and weeks ahead, in anticipation of the book's Kindle release in late spring or early summer 2011.

Here's a little teaser about the story:

The Vatican Dagger is a vampire novel set in the Italian Renaissance.

Dracula, the exiled prince of Wallachia, arrives in Rome pursued by rumors of his evil past. Hoping to establish a new power base among the warring city-states of Italy, Prince Dracula allies himself with the Borgia family.

In exchange for a secret marriage contract with Lucrezia Borgia, Dracula helps Cardinal Borgia become Pope Alexander VI. But when the new pope forbids the marriage of Lucrezia to the Wallachian prince, Dracula's revenge threatens the Borgia dynasty and the future of the Roman Catholic Church.

The pope's brilliant son, Cesare Borgia, enlists the aid of Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolò Machiavelli to defeat the growing forces of darkness.

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