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Tantra, Sex, Orgasm and Meditation

Sean Orford

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Book Reviews:

"A great read! The author tells a fantastic story of self discovery. The book is well paced and very easy to read. It's genuinely insightful too - I'd never realised just how connected sexuality and general wellbeing were. Thanks to the author for sharing!"
—R Bence,

"Some tantra guides seem very clinical. They just lay out the steps, this author really feels like he's speaking to you. He shares intimate knowledge of how bodies work. I appreciated the many specific insights he offered, both technical and emotional. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to put the principles of tantra into practice and succeed."
—M Nolan,

"This is a wonderful book. The author tells a wonderfully simple story from 3 very interesting but differing perspectives. Whilst there is a 'plot' that runs through the story, the chapters are clear enough so that you can dip in and out - very useful for anyone who might be putting the lessons in to practice! A great read, and well worth a purchase."
—M Mollins,

Book Description:

In this easy to read and highly informative book, psychotherapist Sean Orford tells his unique story of sexual discovery.

When traveling student, Naz, meets Vanessa, an older and highly experienced Tantric practitioner, his life is changed forever.

Vanessa transforms Naz from a rough, well intentioned, genitally minded young man into a sensitive yet powerful Tantric lover.

On an incredible journey Naz is taught the sexual importance of touch, taste and smell, the truth about Tantra and the difference between a true, total body orgasm and mere ejaculation.

This book will transform your understanding of yourself, your body and sexual experience - and how the three can connect you spiritually through meditation with all of creation.

Get your copy now and transform yourself. We promise you that you won't regret it!

Book Excerpt from Tantra, Sex, Orgasm and Meditation:

Taken from Chapter 5: The Art of Touch

In this short excerpt our central character, Naz, learns an important, though initially frustrating, lesson in sexual understanding:

While drinking our tea, Vanessa looked at me. “You have a powerful energy but you must lift it out of your pants.” I must have looked disappointed, like a child who has been taken into a sweet shop and then told that he can’t have any. She smiled at me with understanding, in a way that was not demeaning. “If we work at it, you will get there. But if you want to bring that thing anywhere near me,” she pointed at my crotch, “you will need to show me that you know what you are doing with it.”

I was a young man being presented with new ideas by an older and more experienced woman. Despite my previous sexual experience, which up to this moment I had thought was a lot, I could see what she meant, all my experience of sex and my expectation of sex had been genital. My main aim up to now, in any sexual interaction was penetration and ejaculation. This situation with Vanessa was so completely different to anything that I had experienced before. I had only met her twice and I had already learned a lot.

After our tea, she suggested that we meditate. In all honesty, meditation was also still a new experience for me, so, with Vanessa, I was learning every which way. She guided the meditation. We sat and she talked me through a relaxation from head to toe and then we did a visualised walk together on a beach; it was great.

Vanessa said to me, “Can you imagine making love without ejaculating, so that your partner had orgasms but you did not?” I was puzzled. “It happens to women all the time,” she said. “For many women, their fulfilment comes from what they can give their partner, not what they can take.”

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