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The Crimson-Eyed Dragon


D.M. Trink

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A totally engaging and suspenseful tale!
"When I started reading The Crimson Eyed Dragon, I frankly wasn't sure what to expect. However, from almost the beginning the story pulled me in and I could easily picture the capers of these teenagers. I feel that it is so well-written, that readers of almost any age will enjoy this story. The author did a great job of 'tying up' all lose ends and made the reader feel good with all the various twists and turns."

Fun little mystery.
"My first read for 2011. I had the honor of hosting this book for Kindle Kisses a while back, so I thought I better go ahead and read it myself. So glad I did. This was a really fun book. It kind of reminded me of The Hardy Boys or Encyclopedia Brown, with a fun mystery, and a cast of curious young adults. The plot was well thought out and the whole book was entertaining. I think it would be a great book for all ages. I'm interested in seeing if Ms. Trink decides to turn this into a series. I think it would do really well."
—Dawn Judd

Book Description:

Is it risky to surrender to your curiosity?

What underlying attraction compels Jared to buy the majestic silver dragon, and will it lead him and his friends Griffin, Chase and Amber into inescapable danger?

When he brings home the dragon statue, Jared initiates a chain of events that propels

him and his friends into an incredible adventure solving clue after clue.

Will they be able to decipher the mystery before the lurking danger manifests?

Book Excerpt from The Crimson-Eyed Dragon:

From Chapter One:

Unimaginable fear tore through his body and he wondered if his life would be cut short at sixteen. Could a teenager have a heart attack? Not just pounding or racing but his heart was erratically jumping, and thumping to be released from the confines of his chest. Deep regret filled Jared as he looked around at his friends and recalled the events he had initiated to lead them to their imminent demise.

It was a dragon figurine with red eyes and wings spread out for flight. Jared was entranced, dragons ranked right up there with his interests in sword and sorcery. The statue was about a foot high and maybe two feet across in width but it appeared solid and heavy so Jared took great care picking it up to examine it more closely. It was fascinating to Jared with its intricate etchings and mottled appearance. The silver was blackened in its deep grooves but that made it all the more beautiful. The eyes glowed like precious jewels and the dragon’s features looked majestic. As Jared carefully turned the statue over to examine its underside one of the eyes fell out. Jared’s reflexes were quick and he managed to catch it before it hit the ground. He looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed his predicament but everyone in the shop was otherwise engaged.

An hour or so later Jared noticed that the sun had changed its angle and was now creating an eye-squinting glare on his computer screen. As he got up to shut his blinds, he noticed the way the sunlight was reflecting off the dragon statue’s crimson eye, causing it to shimmer and gleam.

“Cool,” murmured Jared as he leaned closer to examine it.

Also brightly illuminated by the powerful sunshine was the gaping hole from the other eye socket. Jared was fascinated to discover something deep within the socket that was now visible. It looked to be a raised button. Jared searched frantically on his desk for something small enough to reach into the tapered opening. He tried a pencil but it did not fit the narrow shape. Suddenly inspired, he ran down to the garage to his dad’s tool workbench.

There has to be something here,” Jared thought to himself, rifling through items.

Aha! A mini screwdriver set.” Jared grabbed it up and raced back upstairs.

He tried the smallest one first. Success! It seemed to hit the end.

Jared carefully applied pressure and with a loud creak, the dragon’s left wing dropped.

“Oh darn!” he shouted. “I’ve broken it!”

Annoyed with himself, Jared carefully hoisted the dragon to see what damage he had caused.

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