Kindle Author Interview: Manley Peterson

Manley Peterson, author of Bloated Goat, discusses his book, his journey as a writer, and self-publishing on Kindle.

DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about Bloated Goat?

MANLEY PETERSON: Bloated Goat is a silly, light-hearted adventure that will make fans of middle grade fiction smile and laugh out loud as they read through the 27 chapters. It was written to be funny for adults, as well, so all you parents and grandparents out there can read along, too. If you like Shrek and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, then Bloated Goat is the book for you.

DAVID WISEHART: How do you develop and differentiate your characters?

MANLEY PETERSON: Bloated Goat is geared towards middle graders, and I just happen to have three wonderful kids that are close to that age group. So, they were the perfect sounding board for all the wacky characters I could create. Once I have a good character idea and a good name, I write down a few defining details about the character that makes them unique and special.

DAVID WISEHART: Who do you imagine is your ideal reader?

MANLEY PETERSON: My ideal reader for Bloated Goat is a middle grader, somewhere between ages 8 to 14, who loves to laugh.

DAVID WISEHART: What was your journey as a writer?

MANLEY PETERSON: I actually just started yesterday! No, just kidding. I’ve been writing stories since elementary school. About ten years ago, I started to keep a writing/idea journal to help myself put stories, characters, situations, and feelings into words. I try to put something in that notebook every week.

DAVID WISEHART: What is your writing process?

MANLEY PETERSON: Writing something, anything everyday is the goal, but that is hard for me. I have a different full-time career and with three wonderful children and loving wife, it can be hard to pull myself away from them and sit down in front of the lonely computer for extended periods of time. But, when I do have time, I try to write about 1000 words or so before stopping for the day.

DAVID WISEHART: What authors most inspire you?

MANLEY PETERSON: Some of these names may surprise you, but I love Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, and Piers Anthony for their constant high-quality and prolific writing. I love Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and J.K. Rowling for making reading so cool and wonderful and entertaining for young readers.

DAVID WISEHART: What one book, written by someone else, do you wish you'd written yourself?

MANLEY PETERSON: Wow, that is a tough question because there are so many wonderful stories. But, if I have to pick just one, I will pick the most recent book I’ve read. It is an awesome graphic novel called Ghostoplis and was written by Doug Tennapel. After reading the story and closing the cover, I just sat there on the couch for awhile wondering why on earth did I not think of that story? Doug did a great job and deserves lots of praise for it.

DAVID WISEHART: How did you create your cover?

MANLEY PETERSON: This is where having a couple of child art prodigies in your household really helps out. My ten-year-old daughter actually drew and colored the cover art herself after I asked if she had any ideas. I took one look at it and said, “Well, that was easy.”

DAVID WISEHART: How have you marketed and promoted your work?

MANLEY PETERSON: I participate in Amazon’s Kindle forums,,,, and various blogs.

DAVID WISEHART: Why publish on Kindle?

MANLEY PETERSON: At the time, it was the easiest platform for me to publish onto and had the biggest ebook following. Now, there are more players in the game, and I wonder what the landscape will be in a year from now.

DAVID WISEHART: What advice would you give to a first-time author thinking of self-publishing on Kindle?

MANLEY PETERSON: I would say to absolutely do it after you have finished the book. The book needs to be edited, reviewed, and rewritten many times before you publish. The last thing you want to do is publish an unpolished story. First impressions definitely last a long time.

DAVID WISEHART: Thanks, and best of luck with your book.


Manley Peterson was born a simple human in Wisconsin many years ago, but has evolved into a multi-dimensional super-being of untold power and charisma who hungers for nothing less than utter world domination. Or, he might just be a regular dad who loves to make up stories for his family to enjoy - and dreads having an author's photo taken.

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