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Discovering Your Amazing Marriage


Jason & Debby Coleman

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"Discovering Your Amazing Marriage curls your toes with excitement in anticipation of having a blissful marriage. It then tosses you back into the tug and pull of reality, exposing you to a double dose of real life marital issues. The authors don't leave you there alone just to sink or swim. They give concrete how-to's gleaned from their own lives, that any readers would be grateful for.

"Jason and Debby Coleman give all of themselves and then some in being as candid as can be. Can there be more? That kind of truth telling will resonate with readers and create avenues for rapprochement among couples who are waging marital battles for years with no end in sight.

"It should come as no surprise to anyone that Discovering Your Amazing Marriage could potentially become the recommended book of choice by sundry marriage counselors.

This dynamic duo come packing with a whole lot of nuggets. It's like Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura combined, with a dash of Joel Osteen for good measure. Reading this book will not only allow you to discover your amazing marriage. You are also discovering yourself!"
Cyber Journalist 5 out of 5 Star Rating on

"Discovering Your Amazing Marriage is an amazing book. It is a must read for anyone who is married or plans to marry. My favorite chapter is the one about communication. Communication is a key factor in keeping your marriage amazing. What many people may not realize is that communication comes in many forms. Words, voice, touch, eye contact, and what can be to me most important, body language. Without good communication any relationship can suffer devastating consequences.

"Jason and Debby are very honest and forthcoming with true experiences that they have been through. This makes the book real. They have been where many of us have been and have lived through some of the most major challenges that marriages face and have survived. This book is very encouraging and as I read it, I thought of many things that I could do to help make my marriage amazing. I have tried to use some of their advice and feel like it has made a difference in my life.

"One of the last things they said in the book is that the most important decision you need to make is the decision that you need to do something. If you would like to have an amazing marriage make that decision now and order the book. You won't regret it!"
J. Halcomb 5 out of 5 Star Rating on

"As a single man who hopes to one day transition into a family man, I think a book like Discovering Your Amazing Marriage is a must read for anyone that is either considering marriage or have already made the commitment to another. What I loved the most about the book was the way that it was designed to encourage and not judge or even tell you what your relationship should be like. What it does do, however, is outline the steps that have helped others through trials and given examples of what can be hurdles that couples have to deal with.

"For the authors, Jason and Debby Coleman, it would seem that a great deal of their success has come from their stance as Christians. Biblical references can be found throughout the book, but that should not deter anyone who doesn't see themselves as a person of faith from reading it.

"The most important lesson I took away is one that the scriptures teach us all: the importance of loving one another and being true to who we are and the people we care about. If we do that, Discovering Your Amazing Marriage shows that no matter what comes our way, we will be able to endure and be victorious."
C. A. Webb, "Conversations Book Club" (Jackson, MS) 5 out of 5 Star Rating on
"Being a writer as well (and brother of the author), I started reading this book with a critical eye, paying attention to writing style and the overall structure and pace of the book. By the third chapter, I was reading to learn. The book is well written, and grounded in the personal, sometimes painful, experiences shared by the authors. The overall theme—that our lives are shaped by the choices we freely make—is punctuated with solid Biblical teachings from a Christian perspective. The perfect review for one of my books would be that 'the book kept me up well into the night.' That same review would work also for this book, but you'll be up well into the night loving your spouse."
Jim Coleman III, "OmensAuthor" 5 out of 5 Star Rating on

"Discovering Your Amazing Marriage sets itself aside from most marriage help books by reminding everyone up front that love is a choice. Like all major choices, it should not be entered into without much care and thought, and it will take much care and thought to keep the marriage working. The authors come from a place of struggling to help others learn the lessons they have learned without the heartbreak from stumbling through the errors they have made.

"Like all good self-help books, the authors have emphasized that it is the choices we make that determines our outcomes. It is refreshing to see a blend of scripture-based advise, real-life anecdotes, and reality therapy blended into one useful source."
Rory M. (Rural America)   5 out of 5 Star Rating on

"I just read the first chapter of Amazing Marriage by Debby and Jason Coleman and it brought tears to my eyes. Marriage is MUCH more than people realize which is why the divorce rate is so high and/or people just "accept" their unfulfilling/boring marriage as is and sigh and say well this is just the way things are. It doesn't have to be that way!"
Darla L.

"I finally sat my toush down and listened to your radio interview!! My eyes are watering and my heart is pounding! Its been a long time since I've been that blessed with the richness of a couple's honesty in their journey of becoming one! I can't think of how you could have blessed our Lord more than this special, special 'telling' of your marriage of trust and humility and teachability and transparency. Sweet Jesus, bless this precious couple and everyone who reads their story of 'love' for you and one another!" 
Diane S.

"I found my own story in reading Amazing Marriage with just the right amount of scripture. I had been married 13 yrs, I had the spouse who didn't think anything was wrong when I said we needed help, myself being a very emotional needy person.....I would tell you I was no longer "in love" with my husband and I was ready to file for divorce. Silly to think it was only my husband that needed to change.

"After reading this book of encouragement, honesty and amazed was I to learn that to be 'in love' is a choice, a choice I almost allowed resentment and forgiveness take away from me. I have read many books on marriage and most Inever finished for one reason or another, Discovering Your Amazing Marriage is not only inspirational from the stand point that  you aren't alone but also a tool I will use to be sure my marriage never becomes mediocre again and that at any given time my husband could always answer going forward that he is the most important person to me.

Thank you two again!!"

"Jason and Debby have been through a lot. Their marriage was pushed to the limits with regular disagreements, health challenges, and infidelity. And yet this couple somehow made traveled past the challenges and continued on their marriage journey—and they are now stronger, happier and more committed than ever.

"How did they do it? Is it possible? In Discovering Your Amazing Marriage Jason and Debby sincerely and honestly take a look at themselves in order to share the insights they’ve learned over time. They explore key issues that can be emotionally difficult for couples, such as communication, respect, love, sex, and devotion. They acknowledge marriage is a sacred vow and they encourage couples to look toward spiritual influences for comfort and help during difficult times.

"Many books out there on marriage use studies or well-known psychiatrist names to promote the advice therein. But, here, the insight comes direct from a couple that has and continues to face the challenges and great rewards of marriage. The end result is this book, a firsthand account of Jason and Debby’s journey into learning, exploring, living, and experiencing the true joy that marriage affords. With this book they hope to share those life experiences with others so as to help couples around the world obtain a more fruitful and loving partnership."
Sara T. (pre-release review)

"This is one couple’s sincere guide to attaining and preserving a fruitful, loving and passionate marriage. It is not authored by a psychiatrist or religious authority but by a real-world couple that has experienced hardships, health concerns, wavering trust, and infidelity. Through it all they have been able to remember the time when they first fell in love, and they have worked hard to keep that love strong. All of their hard work is presented in this conversational guide to help others make the most of their marriage and live happily and fully within their marriage.

"Overall, this is a simple read written in common language that the audience will appreciate. The personal voice will help many readers identify with the couple, and this will in turn allow the readers to be more receptive to the advice."
Michelle B. (pre-release review)

Book Description:

We all long for the thrill experienced during our first kiss or first date. The anticipation, the overwhelming joy, the pure devotion, and the bright hope of a romantic and healthy life together. The passion and fulfillment of new romance is a powerful elixir, only to be enhanced over time . . . or so we all want to believe.

Many couples find that over time the reality of marriage—maybe after having children, moving to a new place, advancing in a career, or experiencing a trauma or loss—becomes a habit or, worse, rote duty.

Authors Debby and Jason Coleman have been there, they have lived through the challenges—even infidelity. And now they are ready to share some of the secrets they found to help reignite the romance, respect, and love in their relationship.

No matter how long you’ve been married, with the timely, honest, and spiritually relevant advice in this book an amazing marriage—one filled with respect, love, passion, and devotion—is within your reach.

In this book you’ll learn how to:

• Communicate from a place of love (including how to
better understand the yin/yang dynamics of women
and men for better communication)
• Gain (and give) greater respect to your partner
• Increase the romance in your marriage
• Experience more fulfilling sex
• Explore the true joy that marriage offers
• Enhance your sacred vows
• Benefit from spiritual guidance
• Live a more fruitful and loving life together with
your partner

Re-ignite the romance, love, and sacred vows in your marriage today!

Book Excerpt from Discovering Your Amazing Marriage:

Do you know anyone who has a truly amazing marriage? Would you categorize your marriage as “amazing,” and what exactly is an amazing marriage anyhow? Have you ever thought that any marriage could actually be amazing? As we begin this journey together, we encourage you to unlock and discover the amazing potential within your own marriage.

For some, you have an amazing marriage already and you may just be curious to read our perspective, and perhaps take note of a few tips to further strengthen the bonds of your relationship. For others, you may have been so influenced with the Hollywood version of marriage or have been “trapped” in a mediocre marriage for so many years that you don’t think an amazing marriage is possible, under any conditions.

Let’s begin with an easy question. Why do people settle for “less than amazing?” We would like to suggest a simple answer: Because an amazing marriage takes work. You cannot sit back and just watch it happen. It doesn’t evolve over time with little or no effort. It doesn’t just happen on its own. An amazing marriage can’t be purchased, won, or inherited, and it can’t be found on the Internet.

An amazing marriage is the result of the choices you make each and every day. Choices about how you will treat your spouse, the level of respect you will render to your spouse, how you will talk to your spouse, and so much more. You can choose to make your marriage amazing, or you can choose to accept the status quo.

If you want your marriage to be truly dynamic and unique, you need to be purposeful about the choices you make and exercise a determined effort in building your relationship. This can’t be a once-in-a-while effort, or a whenever-you-feel-like-it effort, but a consistent and daily effort. You will need to make good choices that demonstrate your commitment to your spouse.

It takes a consistent effort on a daily basis to show your mate that he or she is the most important person in your life. The choices you make will demonstrate your allegiance to your spouse and your marriage. If you are not purposeful and consistent, the best you will achieve in your relationship may be mediocrity. The choice is yours.

An amazing marriage takes daily effort and requires a significant amount of time. It requires a process that grows and evolves over time as you work at it; there is no quick-fix solution you can apply when you feel it is warranted or needed. There may be times when emotions run wild—this is when people say stupid and thoughtless things—and then to avoid a fight or confrontation, a quick-fix solution to minimize the damage may seem like the best choice.

When you apply this approach, you may improve the moment but not the relationship. Repeated quick-fix solutions may have the opposite affect; by hiding and covering up your core challenges again and again, it may be difficult to gain the trust of your spouse when a genuine effort is made. Unfortunately, these Band-Aid approaches usually do more harm than good. Oftentimes, a gift may be given in an effort to defuse a conflict or a problem. Not necessarily a bad idea or approach, as long as you realize that some things just can’t be fixed with a gift, or even with an apology.

Let’s define what an amazing marriage is not. It is not a perfect marriage. It is not a marriage without heartaches and hardships. It is not a marriage without disappointment and pain. It’s certainly not a storybook fairy tale that ends with, “and they lived happily ever after.” Unfortunately, an amazing marriage is not the norm in society, either.

We have discovered that an amazing marriage is a rare bond between a husband and a wife wherein each one knows that they are the most important person in the eyes of their spouse. It is special and it is unique. We know that this special bond can be realized through a consistent effort and with a daily commitment of putting the other person first, at all times.

Whether you have been married for a year, a decade, or over half a century like my grandparents (sixty years and going strong!), we believe that a marriage of excellence is possible for you. Not only is it possible, it is a worthwhile goal that will benefit you and your family over and over again, in more ways than we can list in the pages of this book. A strong and thriving marriage not only affects you, but it impacts those around you. To some degree, it is a legacy that you leave for others to emulate.

An amazing marriage can be achieved, regardless of many of the circumstances you may find yourself in. It does not depend on demographics or a certain economic situation. It’s not available only to those of a certain religious persuasion. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich, poor, or of median income; white, black, or somewhere in-between; employed or retired . . . it is available for all who desire it and all who work toward it.

Once you have experienced the type of marriage we are defining, you will see that it is a worthwhile endeavor. You will come to appreciate it for what it is, and you will also find that it is a rare thing! You will cultivate it, and cherish it. You will realize the many benefits and strive to maintain it. You will want to experience the amazing marriage over and over again, on a daily basis.

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