Kindle Author Interview: Adelle Laudan

Adelle Laudan, author of the Iron Horse Rider series, discusses her books, her journey as a writer, and self-publishing on Kindle.

DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about your Iron Horse Rider series?

ADELLE LAUDAN: The Iron Horse Rider series allowed me to combine two of my first loves, Motorcycles and the Native Culture. Add a dash of paranormal, grief and the possibility of loving again, you have Book One. In Book Two I introduce the travelling Romani Gypsies and their world of fire breathing and crystal balls. Book Three offers a glimpse at the Native folklore of Little People and the enormous power of the Spirit World.

Bikers and Gypsies are two cultures often misunderstood by society. I tried to show both in a more positive light by delving into their emotions and loyalty to family—allowing my readers to see them as real people as opposed to the less than desirable stereotypes often associated with them.

Shane and Tia’s love continues to grow over the course of books one, two and three. I think I’ve shown a realistic look at the grief of losing someone you love, and the struggles involved with opening ones heart to love again.

DAVID WISEHART: How do you develop and differentiate your characters?

ADELLE LAUDAN: Quite often my characters are fashioned loosely around someone I know or have met. I give each character their own personality, beliefs, flaws etc. No two characters are the same, just like in real life.

DAVID WISEHART: Who do you imagine is your ideal reader?

ADELLE LAUDAN: My ideal reader would have an open mind and enjoy reading a story that tugs at the old heartstrings. I’m known as an emotional writer. Taking that into consideration, I strive to evoke some type of emotion from my readers, whether through laughter or tears.

DAVID WISEHART: What was your journey as a writer?

ADELLE LAUDAN: Did I always want to be a writer? No, but I have always had a love for the written word. I grew up in a very strict home where television, music and books were monitored closely. My escape came in writing stories where I could be anyone and go anywhere.

The first seed was planted when I went back to school in my early twenties to get my high school diploma. My English teacher is the first person to tell me I had a gift for writing and story-telling.

Some years later I had pretty serious back surgery which left me disabled, living in chronic pain, unable to work. It is then I picked up a pen and put it to paper. I let one of my friends read a story I had written and she talked me into submitting it for publication.

That story was titled, Juliana, and is still available in a book titled Triad of Hope, available at Amazon Kindle.

DAVID WISEHART: What is your writing process?

ADELLE LAUDAN: I don’t have any one particular format for writing a book. I usually start with research, which is one of my favourite parts of the process. I can take a month just researching the setting, ethnic background, plant life, language. etc.

Once I have a good handle on where the book will take place I create my main characters, and after that I am off to the races. If I have a deadline I will write a very loosed chapter guideline, but I am really a fly by the seat of my pants kind of writer.

I do write all of my 1st drafts by pen to paper. Words flow better this way, for me. Once that is complete I will do a first edit while transferring my notes to the computer.

DAVID WISEHART: What authors most inspire you?

ADELLE LAUDAN: I have to say, my mentor, friend, editor, and majorly talented author, Faith Bicknell Brown. I befriended this lady at the very beginning of my career and am fortunate enough she saw fit to take me under her wing and teach me a thing or two about the craft of writing. The first book I read of hers was titled Conspiracy of Angels. I related to this book on a level never experienced before. I chalk it up to divine intervention once I discovered Faith was also a preacher’s daughter.

If you are real lucky as a writer, you will find that one person who "speaks your language" to help you fine tune your manuscripts. I guess that makes me one lucky lady.

DAVID WISEHART: What one book, written by someone else, do you wish you'd written yourself?

ADELLE LAUDAN: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel is the first book in the Earth’s Children Series. This author is a master of description. I like to think my attention to details in my own writing stems from his ability to paint the perfect picture for his readers, allowing them to virtually to step into the world he has created.

DAVID WISEHART: How did you create your cover?

ADELLE LAUDAN: I am blessed in that I have a great friend who is also an amazing cover artist. M E Ellis, who writes under the pseudonym, Natalie Dae, created three gorgeous covers for my Iron Horse Rider trilogy, which make for a very eye-catching set.

DAVID WISEHART: How have you marketed and promoted your work?

ADELLE LAUDAN: I am very active in the promotion of my books. I recently took over the Yahoo Group, Sweeter Romantic Notions. In a publishing world inundated with steamy heat levels and erotica, I think it’s important to have a ‘safe haven’ of sorts for authors and readers who enjoy the sweeter side of romance and other genres.

We have a core group of 20+ authors at SRN who venture out to other groups on the internet for chat days to shout out about our work. There are lots of changes going on at Sweeter Romantic Notions. I invite all to come over and take a look around. Membership is free and the files/database section is filled with useful information.

My Iron Horse Rider series has a special appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts. I advertise in Biker Magazines and frequent online communities to talk about my books to my target audience, and am open to visiting any blog for an appearance.

Taking advantage of Amazon’s option of creating an Author Page has proved to be an invaluable resource when introducing my books to new readers.

DAVID WISEHART: Why publish on Kindle?

ADELLE LAUDAN: Kindle makes it very easy to publish ebooks. Amazon, being the lead runner in book sales offers the best opportunity to reach a diverse audience of readers.

DAVID WISEHART: What advice would you give to a first-time author thinking of self-publishing on Kindle?

ADELLE LAUDAN: I think they should make sure their book is the best it can be. Bad grammar, spelling errors, and typos make a huge impact on your book's success. There are dozens of online communities willing to help, as well as editors for hire.

DAVID WISEHART: Thanks, and good luck with your books.


Adelle Laudan lives in Southern Ontario, Canada. She is a mother of four, a Gramma of one, and keeper of a little dog Chachi who always manages to make her laugh. Adelle writes Mainstream Romance, Romantic Suspense and Biker Fiction with a level of emotion that sometimes surprises even her. Her daddy was a preacher and often joked, "If he's not wearing Harley Davidson underwear, she ain't interested." Some pretty major back surgery, quite a few years ago, made it impossible for her to work outside the home. After one too many days watching the walls close in on her, she picked up a pen and paper and revisited her childhood love of writing. Adelle now has several books published and several more in the works. Adelle invites you to travel the many twists and turns her stories will take you. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt, it will be a ride you won't soon forget.

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