Scarlett Johansson Said That Cheating Is Terrible Act

Scarlett Johansson has exposed that she would never think being in an open relationship.The actress said she would never dream of cheating on her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, although she realizes stick to one partner may be "hard work".

"I believe in finding a soul mate. I have always been in monogamous relationships, "said Scarlett Johansson American magazine." I would never want to be open. It would be too terrible.

"But I do not think monogamy is a natural instinct for human beings. Monogamy may be difficult for some people. I do not think this applies to everyone, and I do not think many people may do so.

"You do not always meet the right person at the right time. It is important that people understand their own life before someone else - to assess where you are and work on your own questions."

Scarlett Johansson lately said it was regularly in touch via email with presidential candidate of the USA Barack Obama. She later denied.

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