Scarlett Johansson Defeated Jennifer Garner In The 2nd Round Of HDTV

Scarlett Johansson defeated Jennifer Garner in the second round of HDTV "Hottie Hysteria '- TVPredictions.com the elimination tournament to determine who is the hottest women in High-Definition TV.

TVPredictions.com is posting a poll among readers daily celebrity babe against another. Readers are invited to vote on what looks best female high def. Then, depending on their votes, each winner will move to the next round until a woman is left standing.

In the contest
Johansson-Garner, Scarlett, the star of films such as Lost in Translation, captured 51 percent of votes in Jennifer than 49 percent. (2,007 readers voted in the poll.)

Scarlett Johansson, the top seed in the division of the LCD Hottie Hysteria, will now face the winner of the Catherine Zeta-Jones-Maria Sharapova competition in the LCD division finals.

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