Scarlett Johansson In Her Directorial Debut

Making her directorial debut, Scarlett Johansson Kevin Bacon was busy bossing around NYC for the movie "New York, I Love You" on Monday (March 10).

The Other Boleyn Girl actress is one of the many renowned international artists and directors who together with the selection of their short films to "New York, I Love You" in its entirety.

A summary of IMDB tells of the theme: "New York, I Love You is an anthology film illustrates the universal theme of love encounters within the five counties of New York City"

Other drivers who participate in the "New York, I Love You" project include Zach Braff, Mira Nair, Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes, Brett Ratner and Fatih Akin.


Scarlett Johanssons Shots From Her Debut Album

Check out these shots of Scarlett Johansson for his next studio album, Anywhere I Lay My Head.

The 23-year-old actress turned songstress
Tom Wait covered 10 songs on the album, and managed to squeeze in one of his original tunes, too.

Tom Waits fans are going Ga-Ga for that man, and these are really good cover to
Scarlett Johansson songs very well.


Scarlett Johansson Defeated Jennifer Garner In The 2nd Round Of HDTV

Scarlett Johansson defeated Jennifer Garner in the second round of HDTV "Hottie Hysteria '- TVPredictions.com the elimination tournament to determine who is the hottest women in High-Definition TV.

TVPredictions.com is posting a poll among readers daily celebrity babe against another. Readers are invited to vote on what looks best female high def. Then, depending on their votes, each winner will move to the next round until a woman is left standing.

In the contest
Johansson-Garner, Scarlett, the star of films such as Lost in Translation, captured 51 percent of votes in Jennifer than 49 percent. (2,007 readers voted in the poll.)

Scarlett Johansson, the top seed in the division of the LCD Hottie Hysteria, will now face the winner of the Catherine Zeta-Jones-Maria Sharapova competition in the LCD division finals.


Fan Of Scarlett Johansson Has Paid £ 20000 For A 20-minute Date

A fan of Scarlett Johansson has paid £ 20000 for a 20-minute date with the Hollywood actress in an online auction for charity Oxfam.

The star will be accompanied by the successful bidder for the world premiere of his new film He's Just Not That Into You in the United States in July.

The UK bidder was not identified, but which passes the nickname Bossnour on eBay.

A spokesman for Oxfam said the money raised to help poverty is "fantastic".

Fans will also have their hair and makeup done for the evening before being chauffeur of the event with a guest.

Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Connelly and Ben Affleck also star in the romantic comedy, which is based on the popular self-help book of the same title.

The spokesman for Oxfam said: "To get £ 20000 for a 20-minute date and a pair of tickets to help us fight poverty is fantastic.

"All this money will be used to help us fight poverty in all countries of the world."

Meanwhile, Oxfam offering a similar auction to meet the actress Kristin Davis has the Sex and the City film premiered in New York in May.

The winner will also get a make-over and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Davis said: "The great thing about this auction is that 100% of the products will go directly to Oxfam, a charity that I love and that I have traveled with many things."


Scarlett Johansson is Moving To Ryan Reynolds?

Scarlett Johansson has moved in with boyfriend Canadian Ryan Reynolds against the wishes of her mother, say reports.

According to the New York Daily News, the actress is now moving into its possessions Reynolds LA home.

However, her mother Melanie would have convinced the 23-year-old is too young to live with the star Van Wilder, 31.

A source said: "
Scarlett Johansson believes that it is ready to move in with Ryan and believes it is the perfect man for her, but her mother thinks she is too young to settle down and worried she rushing into things. "

It was recently rumored that the couple was about to commit.