Woody Allen Comments To Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood director Woody Allen and actress Scarlett Johansson wants to be enshrined as the actress Meryl Streep and not go the "Page Six Part road." The director, who worked with Scarlett Johansson in "Match Point" and many other films, said that the actress may do wonders for her career if she avoids the party route.

It is so beautiful and sexy and talented ... It can do everything, but she has to make the right choices of movies and she got not to go to the Page Six Party, "New York Post Allen quoted as telling The Maclean's. He added: "I do not want to read about it in the paper with this boyfriend or boyfriend, or taking pills or rehabilitation."

It has broadened his view of his role and said it is not good enough to make choices for themselves and should instead follow in the footsteps of successful actresses like Meryl Streep. "I do not think she has always made great choices. It is to take seriously its action ... The way someone like Meryl Streep not," he said.

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