Scarlett Johansson Wont Portray Jenna Jameson

Scarlett Johansson laughed and complains that she will play the porn star as Jenna Jameson in Hollywood biopic.

Jameson itself incited reports/ratios with comic misleading convention with San Diego, California, this month, when she said execution of the actresses in “lost in the translation,” “I remember to think of me, this girl has such sexuality without really equal test to be sexy. I was like, “this girl could play me.” “I like it. She is astonishing. She is smart, she is funny. … It strikes. “I do not want somebody who will enter there and to be like rebounding around. I want somebody who can bring depth. ”

But Johansson does not know anything the project of film -- based on the book of Jameson “How To Make Love Like Porn Star” -- entitled “Heartbreaker” The representative of Johansson indicates, “Scarlett has never seen the manuscript nor approached about this project. It also does not have any interest by playing this part. ”

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