Scarlett Johansson's Pornographic Role

Hollywood Beauty Scarlett Johansson landed the lead role in x-rated.The worlds largest porn star.

A 22 year old Scarlett Johansson were personally selected by Jenna Jameson to draw up a chart his transformation of ballet dancer to the fish knife, before making it large in the film industry of adult. Jameson known as of his frame, “I typed to the top of Scarlett for the part and I am very excited about film. “It was my decision not to play the part because I lived that the tale already and no matter whom can be played.”

The film will be based on the autobiography bestselling of Jameson’s, “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star”.


Scarlett Johansson At Oxfam Launches Global Ambassadors Program

Scarlett Johansson became the last celebrity to join the total program of the ambassador of Oxfam, officially launched today.

The decision of Scarlett to be registered followed its voyage in India and Sri Lanka with Oxfam where she visited girls of Dalit in a rural school, women doing countryside against domestic violence, and humane work. It joint a group influence of international A-listers and statespeople total including/understanding the archbishop Desmond Tutu, Colin Firth, Gael Garcia Bernal, Coldplay, Annie Lennox and Dame Helen Mirren. “I want to be part of the great work that Oxfam carries out, and happy AM that while being an Ambassador I can continue to be implied organization,” indicated Johansson. “Once you met the astonishing people as the girls of Dalit I met on a my journey that you just cannot turn your back.

I was shocked per much of what I saw, but to see fantastic work Oxfam were making me also estimated that there was hope. ” The singer, Annie Lennox said: A “sound so great honor to belong to Oxfam and act as a their ambassador. I really estimate that more link behind the work of Oxfam and become part of this voice forces total campaign plus the change we can affect truer. The results of G8 this year are a disappointment and we should not allow politicians and governments to leave with breaking the promises around health and of the education, which are essential for countries in the process of development.

I am in this combat for in the long run and proud to be held coast at coast with Oxfam and is to him work. ” The actor, Gael Garcia Bernal said: “I am a firm defender of countryside of Oxfam´s because I believe that only by one concerted will of effort which we can make a difference. We must help of small farmers to have a voice and - as well as million others - then to exert the enormous pressure on decision makers to change the rules of the trade. It is the only manner of combatting the poverty. ” Oxfam profited during many years support many celebrities around the world, whose attachment and engagement continues to contribute an enormous share to its work. The new total program of ambassador will formalize relationship with some of the defenders well-known of the organization and will allow them to enter their work further to help the gathering of charity its goals to overcome poverty and the injustice.

Current Oxfam Ambassadors:
- Angelique Kidjo, World Music Singer,
- Annie Lennox, Songwriter, UK
- Anthony Wong, singer, Hong Kong
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa
- Coldplay, Rock Group, UK
- Colin Firth, Actor, UK
- Djimon Hounsou, Actor, Benin
- Emmanual Jal, Musician, Sudan
- Gael Garcia Bernal, Actor, Mexico
- Helen Mirren, Actress, UK
- Kristin Davis, Actress, US
- Miguel Bose, Actor, Spain
- Minnie Driver, Actress, US
- Rahul Bose, Actor, India
- Scarlett Johansson, Actress, US
- Tegla Loroupe, Runner, Kenya


Scarlett Johansson Defends Her Nose Ring

The beauty Scarlett Johansson of Hollywood defended his decision to carry a nose-ring - to require the jewels accentuates it the beauty Scarlett Johansson of Hollywood defended his decision to carry a nose-ring - to require the jewels accentuates its “creative side”.

Lost in the actress of translation, which is currently the face of the beauty products L'Oreal giant, shocked ventilators by making the decision to obtain a facial perforation when it was broken carrying the ring by a mass of photographers.


Scarlett Johansson Quotes

I'm so tired of hearing casting directors ask if I have a sore throat. The people who have told me that my voice is distinctive, it's unusual...those people have always been close to my heart. - Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson Plays Visitor in Spain

Scarlett Johansson appreciates his statute of MUSE with director, Woody Allen, and is photography seen here while drawing to it his the last film with it, “midnight in Barcelona.” The film is drawn most of the time in Spain during the summer with Johansson taking the role from a tourist. And Scarlett also recently caused completely an agitation here in the United StatesMaurice, Louisiana, recording its first album with the studio of quay there.

During its twenty years, the studio, which is a complex of recording of 12 acres placed on the river vermilion, recorded the local talent of Cajun and zydeco, as well as Bonnie Raitt, the king of B.B and a crowd of others. It had by race by Steve and the nails and Steve of wish did not have anything with but nice things statement about the actress. “It was soft like meat pie of cherry. It was marvellous. It is like my daughter-in-law. ”

I would be jealous of all it projects and identification, particularly being the Esquire “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2006, except that I gained the reward of this year for “Sexiest Woman in my Living Room.” I do not obtain many guests of house.


Celebrity Gadget: Scarlett Johansson's Leica M8 Camera

When Molly seen Scarlett Johansson had functioned in before and after the camera for untitled the film of Woody Allen in Barcelona, I wondered which kind of camera the starlet had employed.

My team of research - composed of the geek of YumSugar camera and myself - concluded that it must be the uber Leica smart M8.

The model, which is a numerical version of the famous camera of the M of the company, was recently released in Europe and is sold in the money and the black.

One knows it for the use of the similar system of Leica M for sophisticated and creative numerical photography and comprises a probe with weak noise of image of CCC with a resolution of the megapixels 10.3 which was specifically matched with the compact design of objective.

Obviously, skilled cameras come with a heavy price tag. This one costs $4,795 on Amazon.


Scarlett Johansson steals from her mother's closet

It makes me suffer to do this because Scarlett Johansson one of my is preferred not-form celebrities of wreck. It has a fabulous body, insane model, and is total strike outside in the department of glances. But in this photograph, it almost struck me with bad choice of mode. It was as Scarlett rolled out of the bed which day and decided “I do not want any more that is hot. ” It is “the occasional” equipment most horrible which I ever saw. It is strange because I saw this equipment before… on housewife the 45 year old! But when a housewife carries such a disaster, I just gesticule supposes my shoulders and them that they gave up on seeming pleasant years ago. Let us take it starting from the top. What you cannot see is that Scarlett has bullring in its nose. Bullrings are not well for successful twenty-somethings; they are adapted for the teenagers assembled by angst trying to be hard. The sunglasses make its resemble a total tourist -- gross. The reserve of green of army is patient-fitting of precision and encourages this starlet curvy to seem curvy in all false places. The shorts are the thing which really encourage me to want to vomit; an adverse nuance of “green mom shorts-circuit itself” with a belt woven out of leather. Sheesh, the last time where I carried a woven belt was in the 7th category (I believe that it was of Gap). Not to start to me even on the shoes… are these push rods? ! And to supplement it all with far it puts a watch of Chanel above and thinks that tractions it any unit. It not. Scarlett, why? Is it a joke? You are beautiful young woman thus to shake what you mom gave you… just do not shake it in clothing of the mom.